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Thunder Over Carolina

Sunday 26 February 2017, 07:00pm - 09:00pm
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Thunnder Over Carolina - auditons
There are many parts, some speaking, some just action, that will need to be filled for "Thunder Over Carolina". Please consider being a part of this awesome productions that depicts Lincoln County's Resident War fought on June 20, 1780. Auditions will be held at the Lincoln Cultural Center Sunday, Feb. 26th at 7 pm and Monday, Feb. 27th at 7 pm.

The Cast
1. Reverend Loretz
2. Alexander Simpson
3. Kurt Moore
4. Reuben Simpson
5. Peter Costner
6. Phillip Shuford
7. Anna Abernathy Shuford
8. Mysterious Woman
9. Susannah Seagle
10. Adam Reep
11. Captain Parker
12. Abraham Alexander
13. Adam Alexander
14. Duncan Ochiltree
15. Messenger/Crier/Rider
16. Col. Thomas Polk
17. Rev. Hezekiah J. Balch
18. John Alexander
19. Dr. Brevard
20. Christian Reinhardt
21. Betsy Reinhardt
22. Jacob Ramsour
23. General Lord Cornwallis
24. Aide De Camp
25. Lt. Col John Moore
26. Meredith Simpson
27. William Simpson
28. Anne Ramsour
29. Jean Reinhardt
30. Tory Guard #1
31. Tory Guard #2
32. Major Welch
33. General Rutherford
34. Col. Dickson
35. Patriot Soldier #1
36. Patriot Soldier #2
37. Captain Brandon
38. Captain Falls
39. Col. Johnston
40. Captain Dickey
41. Boy Reinhardt 1
42. Boy Reinhardt 2
43. Major McDowell


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